Why We Use Custom Boxes For Our Product Delivery

As a business owner, it is very important for me to transport each one of my products to my customers undamaged. Therefore, I need a good, reliable delivery system, and high quality boxes to pack my products in. There are many factors that could damage my products that are outside of my control, such as the traffic during the transportation to the customers’ houses, the quality of the road where the customer lives, etc. So, it is my sole responsibility to do everything, that is, in my power to package my products properly, so they don’t get damaged.

I have collaborated with many companies that produce custom boxes, and the best company from my experience so far is ThePaperWorker.com. What I like about the Paper Worker is, I can order a custom box according to my products’ dimensions with a 3D design of my business logo. After using The Paper Worker’s boxes, my sales increased up to 30%. As The Paper Worker’s boxes are very durable, my business reputation has grown since the amount of products I’ve had to replace has decreased because the products don’t get damaged during the transportation. Many of my customers reuse the boxes from the Paper Worker, and my business logo on the boxes reminds them of my good service, so many of my customers re-order more products of my business.

The Paper Worker’s boxes are made of high quality text cardboard, and they are very durable. The Paper Worker’s boxes aren’t only durable and good looking, but they are also very affordable.

One corrugated sales box costs only $2.38 and, that is, very cheap considering the quality of the text cardboard and the amazing 3D design that every cardboard has. The Paper Worker doesn’t only manufacture boxes for packaging products, but it also manufactures USB flash drive folders. Since sending financial data over the Internet is dangerous, a hacker can steal my data, so I send important data to my employees in a USB flash drive folder. The Paper Worker’s USB flash drive folders are made of film laminate, which protects the USB flash drive in case someone spills a drink over the USB flash drive folder.logo

As some products are more breakable, I use the Paper Worker’s double-thick sales boxes for products that are more fragile. The double thick sales boxes vary in thickness: from 1.5 inch thick sales box to 9.5 inches thick sales boxes. The double thick sales boxes protect the items stocked inside from falling outside of the box with two magnets. Each double-thick sales box costs only a couple of cents more, but the protection it offers is double than the protection of the corrugated sales boxes.

Whether you want to transport your products in high quality boxes or you want to present your products at a fair with presentation folders; ThePaperWorker.com is your best choice. You won’t regret buying from the Paper Worker as the Paper Worker’s boxes are durable, affordable, with excellent graphic design, light weight, and the film laminate boxes are water resistant. The Paper Worker’s staff’s customer service is excellent, and the delivery of the boxes has always been on time.

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